The World Masters Games are an international multi sports competition for any sports-loving person or athlete over the age of 30. It is held every four years by the International Masters Games Association (IMGA).
The Games take place in the year following the Olympics, with the first World Masters Games held in 1985 in Toronto, Canada. The most recent Games were the 9th edition, held in 2017 in Auckland, New-Zealand.

Name of the event (undecided) World Masters Games 2021 KANSAI
Dates (undecided) undecided
Sporting events (undecided) (All 35 disciplines 59 events) * The red bold texts indicate events held in Kyoto City.
Archery (Target Archery/Indoor Archery),Athletics (Track & Field/10 km Road Race/Half Marathon/Relay road race/Racewalking), Badminton Baseball(Baseball/Rubber Baseball), Basketball, Bowling, Canoe (Marathon/Sprint/Slalom/Polo/Dragon Boat), Cycling (Track/Road Race/Mountain Bike/BMX), Dance Sports, Football(Football/Futsal), Flying Disc, Gateball, Golf, Ground Golf,Handball, Hockey, Judo, Karate, Orienteering (Sprint/Forest), Rowing, Rugby, Sailing (Sailing/Windsurfing), Shooting (Clay/Rifle), Softball, Soft Tennis, Squash, Swimming (Swimming/Diving/Water Polo/Artistic Swimming/Open Water), Table Tennis, Taekwondo, Tennis, Triathlon (Triathlon/Aquathlon/Duathlon), Tug of War, Volleyball (Volleyball/Beach Volleyball), Weightlifting, Lifesaving
Venues (undecided) 13 prefectures and government designated-municipalities (Fukui Prefecture, Shiga Prefecture, Kyoto Prefecture, Osaka Prefecture, Hyogo Prefecture, Nara Prefecture, Wakayama Prefecture, Tottori Prefecture, Tokushima Prefecture, Kyoto city , Osaka City, Sakai City, Kobe City)
World Masters Games 2021 KANSAI
Mascott and PR Ambassador « Sufula »
A sport fairy inspired by cherry blossoms.
The name originated from the abbreviation of « Sport for Life ».
A bit clumsy, she often scatters seeds from her nose and cherry blossoms flower here and there.
Cheers for anyone who loves taking part, watching or supporting sports and makes them happy.


The Games Organizing Committee has initiated the « TSUNAGU Program » as a supporting program based on the concept of linkup between people and places.

This program is intended to support the Games through your activities. Register them, along with local communities and organizations, for the program.


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Public Relations

Implementation Structure of the Games


Public Interest Incorporated Association World Masters Games 2021 KANSAI Organizing Committee

  • Business Community
  • Local Public Authorities
  • Sports-related Organizations

Prefectural Government-designated City Executive Committee
(Kyoto City Excecutive Committee)

[World Masters Games 2021 KANSAI] Kyoto City Executive Committee

The [World Masters Games 2021 KANSAI] Kyoto City Executive Committee, chaired by the mayor of Kyoto, was established in April 2017. Part of this Executive Committee are various sports associations and media institutions that work, research and discuss in cooperation with the Games Organizing Committee, as well as raising awareness and promoting the event amongst locals.