Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony

May 13th 2022
Takebishi Stadium (Ukyo Ward)
(Kyoto Nishikyogoku Athletic Park Stadium)
The opening events will include events such as stage announcements and parades.
  • Participant ParadeParticipant Parade

Games / Duration / Venues

The Games will take place in locations that highlight the strengths and distinctive features of Kyoto. Some of the venues include, the Mecca of sports or Nishikyogoku Athletic Stadium, the Wakasa Stadium and the Kyoto Budo Center, said to be the martial arts hall of fame.

(Track and Field )

May 18th-24th 2022
Takebishi Stadium (Ukyo Ward)
(Nishikyogoku Comprehensive Athletic Park)
  • Athletics (Track and Field )
  • Athletics (Track and Field )

In the discipline of athletics (track and filed), athletes compete on the track and the field for time, distance and height of each race, jump or throw.

Para athletics, individual and relay events are planned.

Nishikyogoku Athletic Stadium, the hosting venue, is also the starting and finishing point for high-school and women « ekiden » or relay-races in Japan. It is referred to as the Mecca of long-distance relay races.


May 15th-22nd 2022
Kyoto City Gymnasium (Ukyo Ward)
Kyoto Civic Sports Center (Ukyo Ward)
Shimadzu Arena Kyoto (Kita Ward)
  • Badminton
  • Badminton

Badminton is a game in which players face each other across the net to hit what is called a « shuttlecock ». Victory is decided by points earned by dropping the shuttle into the opponent’s court.

It is a very interesting game that requires repetitive practice to increase accuracy of each type of hits. Moreover, it has also a mental aspect of reading and responding to one’s opponent during the game.


May 20th-22nd 2022
Kyoto City Budo Center (Sakyo Ward)
  • Karate
  • Karate

Karate is a martial art that originated in Japan. It was established as a way of protecting one’s body from the attacker while bare handed and by using all parts of the body. Techniques used include blocks, thrusts, hits and kicks.

Nowadays, karate has developed into a sport based on martial art skills and mindset, and has spread worldwide.

There will be two types of events ; « Kumite » and « Kata ». In kumite, one must fight his or her adversary following the rules and earn points according to a scoring system. In kata, one must demonstrated a fixed pattern of movements and compete for strength, speed and accuracy.


May 19th-28th 2022
StandOut KYOTO (Minami Ward)
Kyoto Terrsa (Minami Ward)
  • Squash
  • Squash

Squash is a sport in which players alternate to hit the front wall with the ball and return it with or without a bounce on the floor.

One can control the direction of the ball by bouncing off the side and rear wall. You can win the rally by hitting in difficult places such as corners. Here the major elements of play are not only speed and power but also skills and strategy. It is not uncommon for older athletes to win against younger players.

By adjusting the intensity and keeping up the rally, it becomes a fun aerobic and intellectual game.